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A courteous and professional tailor.

Kurt has provided me with numerous fine suits over the years. He is always makes sure that you get what you want. Kurt is a courteous and professional tailor in all of his dealings. ~ David Hope, Owner at The Growth Coach Seattle

Quality and customer service.

I would recommend Kurt due to my experience of purchasing product from him. He is tenacious in calling on clients and does well in following up with clients and his product is without question high quality. ~ John James, Senior Planner, Quantum Financial Planning Services

A high quality personal tailor.

Kurt has been my personal tailor since 1994. For 18 years every 6 to 8 weeks Kurt has called me to check in to see how I was doing and if I had any needs that he could take care of. Even when I was not living in Seattle he would visit my office with all of the samples of material. To this day I still have some of the original shirts and suits that I ordered in 1994. This is a testament to the quality that Kurt has always provided. Every business should have people as professional as Kurt, that know how to follow-up and to provide hands down the best customer service in America. If someone were to ask me what or who is customer service I would simply say Kurt Riber. I am proud to be a customer of his. ~ William Bruno Santo, Managing Director: Luxury Sales and Marketing at Concert Pianos

Affordable custom tailoring.

Kurt Riber does custom tailoring, and he opened this business after he left Wall Street Clothiers. He will come to your office (or home) for an initial session to get your measurements, and in subsequent visits you just tell him the fabrics you want and the suits are ordered and custom made. It will take a couple of months to get the suits. If you are used to buying Hickey Freemans, you can get a custom suit for around the same price. I’ve bought suits, blazers, and slacks from Kurt, and I’ve always been happy. I’ve also referred people to him, and recommend him if you are looking for a new suit. ~ Adrian S.

Fantastic fine clothing.

I have been a customer of Kurt Riber’s for 21 years. Although styles (and my waist size) have changed during that time period, Kurt’s commitment to fine clothing quality and customer service has not. The shirts and slacks I recently bought from Custom House Fine Clothing are fantastic. ~ Dave C.